Ox Ridge Parent-Teacher Organization

Birthday Celebrations at Ox Ridge

I’m excited to invite you to join in our school tradition of shared birthday

celebrations! At Ox Ridge School, we strive to become a more

inclusive and compassionate community of learners. We

expand this kindness into how we collectively celebrate birthdays.


On your child’s special day, they will be the class VIP- and will get the Ox Ridge birthday package, consisting of:

  • Line leader for the day
  • Get a special birthday scrapbook / memory page that their classmates and other students in the school can sign
  • Have their name announced over the PA
  • Get to visit the main office after announcements to pick up their birthday pencil


Additionally, we invite family members to visit your child’s classroom with an individualized

birthday book or to lead a fun, school appropriate craft or activity (15 minutes or so) of your

choice to celebrate together! Feel free to ask your child ‘s teacher or our school library media

specialist if you need a hand in making a book selection.


In order to ensure that all students can equally experience their special day and to protect the

safety and promote healthy habits for all, we ask that no food be brought in for these

celebrations. Your supportive engagement in this new tradition will go far in contributing to our

culture of kindness and acceptance for all!


Looking forward to another wonderful year of birthdays!



Luke, Christina, Karen and the Ox Ridge PTO

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