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Hi All,

This week I want to share two very important teacher leader updates to our school community. First, a brief note of thanks from Mr. Latona who leads our yearly “Poppies for Veterans” event school wide:

“Thank you to all Ox Ridge families and staff who contributed to our Poppy Drive for Disabled Veterans.  As a school we raised over $400!  Seeing everyone wearing the poppies on the day of our Veterans Ceremony was a poignant way to show respect for those who served our country.”

Next, I’m thrilled to get the word out for our “Library Advisory Club”. Please see all of the detail around this terrific opportunity for our students, lead by Mrs. Calla Tabaka below:

Library Advisory Team Starts December 5th!

Why should you encourage your child to join this team?  Giving students voice and choice is one of the leading trends in education these days.  At the end of the day, I’m slightly older than 9 years old, so it would be great to have students share their perspectives.  Trends are ever-changing and I need to stay on top them! Last week, I met with fifth graders asking for feedback on the new Ox Ridge Library Learning Commons website.  Their ideas were so eye opening and creative that I have carried out almost all of their requests already!  I am looking for more great ideas like these!

The Need:   I need a group of students to brainstorm ideas and provide honest feedback on anything library related. Student ownership of what’s happening in the library creates a different type of buzz than typical posters and bulletin boards.

What will the students do?  The kids on the Student Library Advisory Team will become walking, talking hype-machines for their own ideas and generate more interest in the library than I could ever hope to do on my own.  Specifically, they will generate buzz about new books, new technology, create book trailers and displays, create blogs, help host events, and come up with fun ideas that promote literacy at Ox Ridge.

Who can join and when will the team meet?  Any Ox Ridge student is welcome!  The first meeting will be at 8:00 am on Tuesday, December 5th.  The team will meet every Tuesday morning unless there is a holiday, delayed opening, or other conflict.  The club will run until April and then meet once a month, or as needed.

Giving these kids voice and choice is helping our library better serve everyone-and definitely making my job as a teacher librarian better.  Thank you in advance for your support and please encourage your child to let his/her voice be heard!

Looking forward,


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