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Field Trip Policy and Facility Use Form

Field Trip/Enrichment Policy and Facility Usage Form

ALL Enrichment/Field Trip contracts must be submitted to Luke Forshaw or Mary Lay (main office administration).  From there, our administration will submit to Central Office.  Contracts will be signed through Central Office.  Also, if an event is taking place IN our school facility, a Facility Usage Form (AVAILABLE HERE) now needs to be filled out and submitted with the contract.
This procedure will allow our administration to coordinate with Central Office.  That being said, if an event is upcoming, the sooner this information is submitted, the better.

Lastly, checks CAN still be signed by the PTO for these vendors, but bussing must go through our school principal.
All of this is effective immediately.

Please reach out if you have any other further questions.

Bridget De Riso bnderiso@optonline.net
Elena Whidden emwhidden@gmail.com
PTO Co-Chairs
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